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We’re asking you to SELL YOURSELF in 2 ways:

A) The variety of supplies and accessories available! We offer more than just a variety of ink and toner. We carry cables, magnetic media, imaging equipment, paper, workstation accessories, etc.!  (Just remember all the pricing is retail list! CALL US FOR CUSTOM PRICING.)

B) How powerful yet simple our storefront is. It has the capacity to handle everything from the simpler needs of a small business to the complicated demands of a nationwide chain. There is also a Site Tutorial button that you can use to help you make full use of it’s capabilities.

Secondly, we ask you to sell yourself on the actual product by sending you the carts that WE WOULD RECOMMEND for your machine and application with NO C.O.D. and NO OBLIGATION to buy (compatibles only). We use Net-30 billing, subject to your approval, and ask you to run one to see if you agree and make sure YOU are impressed.

Once you see for yourself that we can save you money with a high quality product and you decide to keep them, you can then honor the open invoice and we’ll set you up with your own FREE online account giving you promotional pricing on ALL your machines!

Also, for giving us a shot TODAY, we’ll freeze your promotional pricing for 2 years. Even though rising fuel surcharges are expected to drive prices up, your prices will remain the same.

But, for now, we still need to prove ourselves. So, please, keep your money to yourself and RUN ONE FIRST! When you see that you ARE happy with the quality and savings, honoring the open invoice will freeze your promotional pricing for 2 years, give you an easy online ordering site AND the most experienced and friendly customer service in the business!

If for some odd reason you’re not impressed, you haven’t spent a dime. Please don’t throw them away! Just let us know and we’ll either resolve the issue or have them picked up at our own expense.